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I began my passion with real estate when I bought my first home and made $100k profit in just one year (and this was not during the boom but was building up to it)

That home was in Washington DC area but I took that $100k, moved to Jacksonville FL and bought 7 homes. I turned $100k into $600k in a matter of 6 months (this was during the boom).

How We Are Different

At Jax FL Homes Local, we are a one stop shop for Home Buying and Home Selling information. We don’t hold anything back. Our main focus is to put as much money back in your pocket while getting expert, customer service focused advice. We service the Homeowner with content and video heavy video disclosing what most people will never tell you. There are several ways to save you thousands while buying a home and selling a home. This is most likely the biggest purchase most will ever make. It’s important you get the BEST DEAL. We want you to Buy Your Home and Build Your Wealth!

We strive for excellence by providing concierge customer service. But we don’t just stop there. We go above and beyond!

We listen, communicate effectively and then implement a detailed strategy to get our customers what they want. If that’s not enough, we actively look for opportunities that will save you money and/or protect your investment.

Whether it be getting our customers the Best Financing or maneuvering our way around the contract to get our customers everything they want, we are forward, out of the box thinkers who stay on top of the market to get you the best deal.

What You Can Expect From Us ?

You can expect quality in all we do. Our detailed communication approach throughout the home ownership process gives our customers confidence to move forward in any decision because we have given you all of your choices to make the decision best for you.

We stay vigilant for opportunities that better our customer’s position by staying ahead of the market. We are intuitive communicators to anticipate our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

We also answer our phones and are passionate about getting you the answers you need to know quickly. In short, you can expect top notch customer service. Something we feel is lacking in our industry. Home ownership done right is our motto!

Your Takeaway

Our End Result is a happy Home Owner! Please read our Testimonials to see what people are saying about us.

Our goal is to strive for nothing but excellence the whole way through and beyond. We are here to serve your real estate needs.

Why Northeast Florida

I moved to Jacksonville Florida, from the Washington DC area about 20 yrs ago. As soon as I arrived, I knew my city business skills would go farther meaning that I didn’t have to work as hard to get business here. I’m a Realtor and learned if you didn’t return a customer call within 5 minutes you lost the business. Here, at the time, it took agents 24 hours to return a call. Not all but most. I saw that my skills here could take me much farther without having to fight or claw my way to get 1 customer due to the # of Realtors there were up north. This was the peaceful lifestyle I was looking for as well as I could live near and/or at the beach. We have since grown in this 20 yrs and it has gotten a little competitive but not as bad as it ever was around Washington D.C.

Jacksonville is the largest city by land mass in the US and because the land mass is so large, the boundaries for other counties get intertwined. I live in St. Johns County and I still consider myself living in Jacksonville because I’m 10 minutes from the “borders”. I doubt I’ll ever leave!

Here are my 9 solid reasons to live in Jacksonville Florida and why I find it hard to leave:

My Wealth Building Story

I began my passion with real estate when I bought my first home and made $100k profit in just 1 year! I took that $100k, and moved from Washington DC to Jacksonville FL and bought 7 homes. I turned $100k into $600k in a matter of only 6 months!

Buying my home taught me the value of this investment. In addition to the profit/equity I made, there were other perks that put more money back in my pocket. Here are just a few:

  1. When you own a home you can take more deductions with the IRS which translates into more of your paycheck in your pocket.
  2. You also get to write off the interest from your monthly payment on your taxes. This is awesome because for the first 10 years most of your payment is interest. If your payment is $1000 for example, $999.98 is interest on your 1st payment. With your 2nd payment, it may be $999.97 that is interest and so forth. At the end of the year, you’re potentially writing off $12,000.00 on your taxes (using the $1000 mortgage example, more if it’s higher) if you’re at a 25% tax bracket, that’s $3000 in your pocket.
  3. The rent you were paying is now going to buy down the payment, which means for the same money you live on every month, your money is now going to invest in your pocket.

In short, Buying A Home can change your life as it did mine. I became passionate about teaching others how to buy and sell homes and I had done it so many times back to back that I learned to find ways to save significant amounts of money. Saving my clients a ton of money by finding the best lenders, making sure there are no junk fees, getting you the lowest interest rate and the best price for your home in Northeast Florida. This is what sets us apart from our competition.

We save you thousands and are happy to do so!

E-mail me or Call me at 904.566.0062 to see how we can do this for you!


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