Jacksonville’s Premier Home Owner’s Network is a one stop shop for Home Buying and Home Selling information. We don’t hold anything back. Our main focus is to put as much money back in your pocket while getting expert, customer service focused advice. We service the Homeowner with content and video heavy video disclosing what most people will never tell you. There are several ways to save you thousands while buying a home and selling a home. This is most likely the biggest purchase most will ever make. It’s Important you get the BEST DEAL.

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I began my passion with real estate when I bought my first home and made $100k profit in just one year (and this was not during the boom but was building up to it)

That home was in Washington DC area but I took that $100k, moved to Jacksonville FL and bought 7 homes. I turned $100k into $600k in a matter of 6 months (this was during the boom).

Serving Northeast Florida: Duval, St. Johns, Nassau & Clay Counties

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