Why Use A Realtor

While we always hope to earn your business, I can’t stress enough the importance of Hiring the Right Agent. I used to be in charge of reviewing all files for compliance. I was shocked to find that 90% of agents left money on the table that should have gone to their buyer or seller. This is simply unacceptable. A home is the biggest purchase most people will ever make. It is also the cornerstone of most people’s wealth building. So I have composed a list of qualities for a truly exceptional agent so you know what to look for.

Qualities Of An Exceptional Real Agent:

  1. Years of Service: It's a strong agent who has gone through a good market as well as a good one. This gives the agent maneuverability around options, programs available and the contract.  The fact that the agent has made it through the rough times says a lot about her skills.
  2. Must work Full Time: An agent simply can’t stay on top of things working part time.  They need to be among other agents during business hours to listen to and share experiences to find out what and how another agent maneuvered their customer into a better position. In the event a situation comes up, an exceptional agent needs to know multiple avenues on how to advise their client to get out of a situation without it costing their customer money. it simply can’t be learned part-time.
  3. Must Love & Be Passionate about Real Estate:  Whenever you have a profession where you can make a lot of money and only spend a week in a class or online environment to get started, you’re bound to have some greedy agents where their only goal is to make money without any regard to your pocket. They will push you into making offers that make their job easier or give them a bigger commission. Agents with passion, seek to make their customers happy regardless of the commission out of ethics.
  4. Must Be a Good Listener: Buyers and Sellers say a lot without even knowing it. A good agent listens to what the customer wants and needs, listens for potential issues or obstacles in their customer’s goals and listens to protect their customers from making any mistakes.
  5. Must Have Excellent Communication skills especially if you don’t: Agents must feel comfortable to speak freely with their customers. There is so much to tell you and so many ways that can cost them unnecessary money. Communication of what obstacles and pitfalls is simply, for me, the professional standard.
  6. Must Keep up with Market News/Training:  The market can switch quickly, trends change, and prices can fluctuate. When it’s a Seller’s Market, sellers can get great prices on their homes when selling if the agent knows what they are doing. When it is a Buyer’s market, a good agent must know this as well and take action to adapt to market changes thereby effectively leading their customers.

Why Buyers Should Always Use A Realtor

I’ve been a Realtor for over 20 years and I cannot think of any reason why it’d be smart for a buyer not to use a Realtor. I know some people out there feel they’re savvy enough but unless you’re doing this process over and over, back to back for many, many years, you can’t possibly know how to solve every situation, learn every tip of the trade and maneuver yourself in a favorable position every single time. There are legalities, deadlines, correct wording, math and several skills involved with being a Realtor.
I understand that a buyer may think they can save if they buy a home on their own without Realtor guidance but this simply isn’t true. The buyer’s side of the commission will go to the listing agent because that’s what she negotiated. There are things you’ll need her assistance on and she’ll end up working with both sides. The problem is that you don’t have personal representation looking out for you and your bottom line. This brings me to my first point:
1. Realtors are FREE to buyers because their commission is paid by the seller of the home you buy. You get our expertise, time, our energy and extensive knowledge to make sure you’re buying a home that is structurally sound, that you’re not paying too much for…..etc.
2. Some Realtors, not all, are skilled in negotiations and are able to put you in the most favorable position. I once, got such a great deal from my expert negotiation skills, that I was able to negotiate a lower price
that had the seller paying her closing costs and paying down her interest rate 2 points. That took skilled negotiations.
3. We, as Realtors are trained on contracts. We know every deadline, timeframe and loophole in that contract and we know how to get the other side to do what our customers want for the desired outcome.
4. A trained Realtor with experience also has you think of things that you wouldn’t normally think of. These things can cost you upwards of $10k if not handled properly.

5. We also know how to steer you clear of potential problems in advance and get you to an easy closing drama free. It is stressful
when you have to sit across from the other party at closing and they feel jilted or wronged in some way. We keep the peace so it’s a
smooth transaction for all involved.
6. An experienced agent has seen most if not all the possible pitfalls and already has a solution that costs you as least amount of money
out of your pocket. In my early years, I once lost a home because the sellers didn’t want to move their family chicken to their next home and my buyers didn’t want it. How would you deal with this? Sounds easy but removing the chicken or killing the chicken was not an option in this case.

Rent Vs. Buy

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Home Buying Process

Should I Buy A Home In This Market?

The short answer is: YES! The Market has certainly changed in the recent months.  There’s no more paying more for the home’s value and paying the difference between the value and your increased offer just to get into a home. Some paid both their buyer’s closing costs and the seller’s closing costs.  It was crazy!  No more, the market is now correcting itself as it always does. Now, the prices are coming down from the inflated prices to normal because sellers are scared they won’t be able to sell it due to less buyers in the market from higher interest rates. It’s a great time to be a buyer!