In most situations anytime you get free money to buy a home you’re going to receive a higher interest rate. Always make sure you ask, “Will this free money increase my interest rate”. Make sure you know what your beginning rate is before asking them if it’s increased by the free money.

There are currently 2 First Time Home Buyer Programs available. One gives up to $15,000.00 the other gives up to $50,000.00 . These are from 2 different lenders. Not all lenders work with First Time Home Buyer Programs.

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Saving Thousands

Buying A Home can change your life as it did mine. I became passionate about teaching others how to buy and sell homes jacksonville and I had done it so many times back to back that I learned to find ways to save significant amounts of money. Saving my clients a ton of money by finding the best lenders, making sure there are no junk fees, getting you the lowest interest rate and the best price for your home in Northeast Florida. This is what sets us apart from our competition.

We save you thousands and are happy to do so!

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How To Get The Lowest Interest Rate

Here are the following tips to get the BEST Interest Rate:

  1. Raise Your Credit Score as high as you can get it
  2. Know your financial position. How much cash you have in savings, what percentage of your credit cards are you using, what’s your credit score at all 3 credit bureaus…etc.
  3. Plan/Save for your down payment. 20% down of the home price you’re going to buy put you in the absolute best position to save as much money as possible but there are other 3.5% Down (FHA), 5 & 10% Down (Conventional) and 100% Down (VA, USDA & FREE Down Payment Programs) program financing options.
  4. Lock in Your Rate. You can’t do this until you have a signed contract from both buyer and seller of the home you’re wanting to buy
  5. Look into First Time Buyer Programs
  6. Look at shorter loan terms
  7. Ask about buying down your interest rate to get it as low as possible

I have long said that your interest rate is THE MOST IMPORTANT Point in the deal to keep low, it’s even more important than the price you pay for the home.  The Interest rate is that “fluff” payment that goes to the bank that you get absolutely no benefit from. However, don’t ever let an interest rate stop you from buying a home. You make/save money in several different ways when you own your home.  The appreciation alone will be more than the higher interest rate so it is still far better of an option than renting. 

How To Get A Lender Credit

Just ask your Lender. Lender credit can help you with closing costs but remember to make sure you either keep your interest rate the same or weigh out the pro and cons on the increased rate depending on the amount of lender credit. Never let it stop you from buying a home though.

How To Get A Free Warranty

Reach out to Us and we’ll give you a basic home warranty just for working with us. Additions like pools, hot-tubs and other appliances are additional and home specific. A home buyer will always have the option to add to the basic free warranty we give.

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